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You don’t have to be rich…

Americans are drinking more wine than ever before. In fact, we have passed country after country in wine consumption as scores of gen Xers and now gen Y’s start to sniff, swirl, and taste.

I think this is just great!

Today, more than ever, consumers crave a story. They want to go beyond pure consumption and even conspicuous consumption. People want to be engaged with the brands they align with.

Wine has been a direct beneficiary of this phenominum. Think about all the back labels you have read. Some stories are trite (think kangaroos, penguins, etc.). Others are more meaningful. Each story helps us go beyond the wine as we step into the vines, touch the dirt, and smell the air.

Finally, wines are more affordable than ever! Check that, QUALITY WINES are more affordable than ever. We have our choice of country, varietal, etc. You don’t have to be wealthy to be into wine. In fact, it is an inexpensive vacation for many of us.



A Quick Break From Winter

The whole country is in the grips of a rough winter. When I am feeling down and dreary from winter I like to set up a fun wine and food pairing in my home.
Example, pair a nice Dry Creek Zinfandel with a bold flavored pulled pork dish. Imagine a hot August afternoon in the Dry Creek Valley with the pork slowly smoking over a low heat.
Of course, your pork is in the slow cooker, but use your imagination.
I find it helps to open a nice wine country photo book to really get the imagery going.
Try it and let me know your thoughts…