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No Picky Tongues Here

Answer = SALT!

Here on the DIY Backyard Farm we have access to some of the most fresh, tasty and healthy ingredients available. Growing our own provides us with something akin to having our own farmers market right outside the door of our home.

The benefits of growing your own produce are many. The topic and question posed with this post made me think of the various tastes and which one if any I could do without. Our produce is plenty sweet from the natural plant sugars, sometimes it is spicy too. One thing it is not is salty. In fact, we hardly use salt in our home at all. The ingredients we use are of such quality that little salt is required. They just taste so good eaten raw or simply prepared.

I would hate to think I would have to give up one of my senses of taste. However, salt would be the one if I had to choose.

Picky Tongues.