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More new packaging concepts for wine

Just got my first peek at a new, ummm bottling, of Cliff Family Winery “climber pouch” wines. The wines are not at all in a bottle. Instead they are packaged in a resealable, enviro friendly pouch. Each pouch looks to equal 2 bottles.
I have not tried this wine yet, but I will. In fact, for my every day wines I have no problem with boxes, bags, or pouches unless they are in a material that has toxicity (think BPA). That’s my main concern with wine that is not sold in glass. Sure they tell us it is safe, but that’s what they said about canned goods until BPA came on the scene.
Anyway, I’m OK with drinking some wine from these innovative packages for right now. They are good for the planet, easy on the wallet, and stay fresh longer once opened.
What do you think???