A hot topic here in the NJ viticultural business

See this link to learn about Hot Topics. in the NJ wine producing world.  Sounds to me like the BIG distributors are seeking refuge from competition by hiding behind a piece of the constitution.  It is my hope that NJ governmental officials will find a way to allow NJ viticulture the chance to grow and compete with the BIG BOYS.  This state needs the local wine making business to thrive.  What a great way to preserve land for agricultural use and give NJ a better appearance.


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2 responses to “A hot topic here in the NJ viticultural business

  • Ediamondnj1

    Yes I agree that the wine-agri business is important to keep thriving in NJ. It is a positive for the economy and the citizens of the state love visiting the wineries and being able to buy their own locally produced wines not only at the winnery but at their local restaurant and liquor store. The government should risist attempts from well financed special interest groups to prevent consumers from getting what they want, where they want.

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