Rubber Stopper? There are better ways…

OK, I realize synthetic corks are not actually rubber, but they may as well be.  Last night I was so bummed to peel the foil off a $10 bottle of Syrah to find a synthetic cork.  Recently I have had some frustrating times getting these little suckers out of the bottle.

In fact, the closure I encountered last night felt like it was crazy-glued in place.  It was as if Bacchus himself was playing a mean trick on me.  The family was at the table, burgers were ready (and getting cold), and there I was struggling like an amateur.  Finally, after placing said bottle between my knees, saying a few choice words, and pulling like hell…POP it went!

So last night got me thinking about closures again.  More specifically, I was left wondering why wineries use these little plugs when they have so many other options.  If they do not trust natural cork they can certainly go with a screw top.  After all, some of the top wineries in the world are using them on wines far more important than the juice we were drinking last night.  Plus, there is nothing romantic about a plastic looking and feeling synthetic cork anyway.  If they want to be unique they could try one of those newer glass stoppers I have been hearing more about.  At least that would be a novel experience.  If they still want to use the plastic corks they should put it on the label so the consumer is forewarned.  “This bottle contains a crummy plastic closure.”

Has anyone else had similar struggles???


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