You say Champagne, I say Sparkling Wine

It is a simple concept, yet so many people get wrapped around the cork over it.  A “sparkling wine” from areas outside of the Champagne region of France is called a Sparkling Wine.

Don’t worry, it is not your fault.  The confusion was caused by marketers looking to take a sip from someone elses’ glass.  Basically, Champagne is a brand all by itself.  The word brings to mind luxury, great taste, and opulence.  What better reasons would a marketer need to call their sparkling wine Champagne???

I am not French, not in business to support Champagne, and certainly have nothing against sparkling wine.  My goal for this post was to educate.  How did I do?  Any thoughts???

PS – try a sparkling wine from Schramsburg Vineyards in California.  Wines like theirs help to define what sparkling wine, in this case from California, is all about.


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2 responses to “You say Champagne, I say Sparkling Wine

  • Rory

    It is good to refresh ones mind… I know about Champagne coming from the that region of France. It is funny that when I pick up any bottle of sparkling wine I still refer to it as Champagne.. It is the same with any pill I take for a headache..(after drinking to much Champagne) I take an Asprin…. ohh on the bottle it doe’s say Advil… hmmmmmm

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