shhhh…I have a boxed wine on my counter and I like it

A lot has changed in the wine world over the years.  We have talked about all of the new closures like screw caps, synthetic corks, etc.

Today, I want to let out my dirty little secret.  I drink boxed wines from time to time.  Heresy you say?  I say give it a try and you just may see why I am talking boxed wine tonight.

For me it is simple economics as well as preservation of flavor and sustainability.

First, you can buy a 3 liter box of wine for between $18-$28 depending on the type.  That same box is equal to four 750mL bottles of wine.  You do the math!  Plus, most of the boxed wines I have tried or read reviews on are pretty darn good.  While they may lack some of the finer nuances of high end wines, they make for great everyday drinkers.

That brings me to my second reason for keeping a boxed wine in my house.  You see, these wines are much easier to save once they are opened compared to a standard bottle of wine.  In fact, many producers claim a 4-week shelf life once opened.  This fits my house just fine because I often am the sole wine drinker.  Some nights my wife just does not feel like wine and other nights I eat and drink later than the rest of the family because I worked late.  This scenario used to drive me nuts because I enjoy a glass  or so of wine with dinner, but hate to open a full-sized bottle just for me.  The fact is, no matter how hard I have tried, I have just not found a really good wine preservation system that is simple, easy, and long-lasting.

Boxed wines solve this problem because you can open it, pull off what you need and not have to worry about recorking, pumping out oxygen, spraying the wine with inert gas, or any of the other wine preservation methods.  Basically, you get 4 bottles worth of wine to enjoy within about 4 weeks time.  For my house this can work well.  It covers me for my solo nights, the nights my wife joins me, and then the weekends when friends or family come over for a drink.  Let’s not forget the ability to cook with it on demand!  No more worrying about your significant other unknowingly popping the cork on your Chateau Latour so he or she could saute mushrooms (sorry honey).

Finally, boxed wines are environmentally friendly.  It takes less energy to produce the box, ship the finished wine, and perhaps recycle the container.  While not as pleasing as a nice bottle, I find the boxes are fine for evenings that call for “house wines”.  I should mention other producers like Bandit from Three Thieves or French Rabbit produce wines in smaller sized boxes.  These boxes may not offer the same preservation benefits as their 3 liter cousins, but they are certainly more eco-friendly than glass bottles.

Here are some links to visit if you want to learn more:

GO ahead and try a box and let me know what you think.


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