Hi tech wine shopping

Technology was everywhere this holiday season.  We have 3-D televisions, cool smart phones, iPads, and so much more.  Plus, this holiday shopping season saw the most useful application of mobile technology to date.  Many shoppers used bar code scanning technology to do ultra fast price comparisons while shopping in the store.

Basically, you pick an item off the shelf, scan it, and then wait for the results.  Many services will quickly give you price comparisons and store availability on the spot.

What does this have to do with wine???  Well, the same shopper technology has come to wine as well!  That’s right, now you can pick up that confusing French label, scan the bar code with your smart phone, and get a near instant interpretation of what is in the bottle.  Services like Cor.kz (http://cor.kz/) make wine shopping so much less daunting.

Such services unlock a ton of useful information.  For example, you can compare prices more easily, get ratings, learn more about the wine, maybe even us it to check the vintage quality.

Have you tried these cool technologies yet?  Do share your experiences.

Happy Holidays!


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3 responses to “Hi tech wine shopping

  • Rory

    What is the correct temp. to keep white wine and red wine at?????

    • talkingwine

      looks like someone may have gotten a wine fridge from Santa???

      I like to store my reds some where in between 50-55 degrees farenheit. White can often benefit from a lower temp range. So, if your storage allows 2 different temps than you can go down into the 47 degree farenheit range up to about 55 degrees.

      If your wine storage has just one temperature than try 50 degrees farenheit for all your red and whites.

      Also, be sure to allow time before serving so wines can be brought to their optimal drinking temps.

      Finally, always keep in mind that natural corks like a humidity range between 60-75%. This will help keeps the corks moist without encouraging mold growth that can come at really high humidity ranges.


  • Rory

    I looked up the cor.kz … interesting… but is there any FREE apps. I do like the idea of scanning to find out what the hell the label is about…French.. hmmmm but got to love the wine…

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