A great website to check out

I am always looking for great resources on wine and wine related activities.  Occasionally, I will share one on here. 

Today I would like to highlight Goosecross Cellars in Napa Valley and most importantly, for me at least, on the Web.  You see, Goosecross not only makes great wines at their fabulous facility in Napa.  Goosecross reaches out all over the world to spread the word on wine.  Nancy and her team must have little wine elves helping them because Goosecross is everywhere.

Just a visit to their site reveals videos, podcasts, interviews, a blog, and so much more.  Plus, they actually post valuable and fun facts and info on Facebook all the time. 

In my opinion, the Goosecross team does more for the wine community than any other winery I have found and they have been doing it for years.  In fact, they were one of the earliest adopters in wine to use podcasts.  I have been hooked ever since the first one!

So go ahead and check them out, but be forewarned, you may spend hours and hours on their sites!  I also urge you to include Goosecross as a stop on your next trip to Northern California Wine Country.  They make you feel at home like few others in Napa can or do.

Full disclosure, even though it sounds like I may be related to Goosecross, or “on the take”, I am not.  I just like to give kudos to those who deserve it and ensure others know about them too.



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One response to “A great website to check out

  • Cellarmistress

    I recently spent a nice Friday afternoon at Goosecross and yes, I agree, they definitely make you feel at home. I highly recommend this winery and look forward to posting a story of my own very soon!

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