And now for DESSERT!

So we got through Thanksgiving dinner with our Zinfandel selections.  Hopefully, we even survived the challenge of sitting with family for a few hours straight.

Time for dessert, or in the case of Thanksgiving…desserts.  The list of possible desserts is too long to imagine.  However, you can relax because choosing a dessert wine is sooooo easy!

You see, dessert wines are, by nature easy to like and enjoy.  Plus, you do not have to pull out tons and tons of wines to match to every dessert.  Go with just one or two that will appeal to a broad range of palates and pairings.

For example, cheesecake and port can be wonderfully simple.  How about a Moscato with some nice hard cookies.  Finally, consider something chocolate based paired with a Madeira wine.  Check out this blog for more on Madeira (

Here are a few final tips to keep in mind:

1) Dessert wines are usually sweet and rich.  As a result, you do not need huge quantities to serve a crowd.

2) Don’t break the bank.  Yes, everybody loves an expensive Icewine or Eiswein (if you’re in Germany), but alternatives exist that are more budget friendly. 

3) Go easy.  By now you and your guests may have had a bit to drink, so there is no need to pour a lot.  Look, smell, sip, savor, & repeat.  Just don’t drink irresponsibly. 

4) Most of all, have fun!


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