Hello world!

Is there anything more satisfying to the soul than enjoying something handcrafted with a lot of help from Mother Nature?  Perhaps this is why wine is such a captivating subject to talk about, read about, and savor.

I am starting this blog because I have been enthralled, no obsessed with this amazing beverage from the very first sip I ever had.  Nothing else takes your senses on such a roller coaster ride of smells, sights, and flavors.  OK, maybe chocolate, but I will save that for another blog.




About DIY Backyard Farmer

On a mission to help the current generation get back in touch with food. Anyone can grow their own edible, organic vegetables, herbs, fruits and more...right in their own yards! They in turn can open up a whole new world to their kids and grandkids by teaching them the wonders of Mother Nature and all she has to offer. This website is owned and operated by Backyard Enterprises LLC. View all posts by DIY Backyard Farmer

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